ownCloud VPS is now available


This is to announce that ownCloud VPS is now ready for order.
With our pre-built OS template, you can easily deloy private cloud storage for personal or for your organization use.
It is pre-built with ownCloud packages installation method, allow you to upgrade easily when there are future release/upgrade.

Following are general features for this OS template:

  • Pre-installed Debian 8 Operating System
  • Pre-installed ownCloud 9.0
  • Pre-installed Webmin
  • Pre-installed CSF Firewall
  • Pre-installed ClamAV Antivirus
  • Pre-installed Redis Cache
  • Custom SSH Port
  • Custom Webmin Port

You can use Webmin to manage your backend operating system including managing firewall via CSF interface.
CSF firewall is pre-configured and opened with minimum port for ownCloud operation, you can adjust based on your working environment within Webmin.

You can find out more information here:

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