Control Panel Price Increase

End of June, cPanel® had released their new licensing model and new pricing structure. In general, it changed from VPS and dedicated server licensing type to account-based licensing model. This directly affected to any customers who are currently using cPanel WHM as their server control panel. You may find out more about the licensing update at cPanel® blogs and here is the cPanel licensing guide for your reference.

In line with the new licensing model, our control panel pricing has been adjusted as per below table with effective from 1st September 2019. All existing client’s licenses will be converted and reflect in next billing date.

Tier Name Account Type 1 Platform 2 Account Limit 3 Monthly Fee
Solo Fixed Cloud Only 1 account only RM80
Admin Fixed Cloud Only up to 5 accounts RM100
Pro Fixed Cloud Only up to 30 accounts RM150
Premier 100 Fixed Cloud or Metal up to 100 accounts RM225
Premier Bulk 4 Flexible Cloud or Metal Initial 100 accounts
additional account


1. Account limit – maximum number of cPanel® account allowed under individual license tier. If exceeded the account limit, cPanel® WHM will not be accessible until the license is upgrade to correct license tier.
2. Cloud – virtualised server (Xen, KVM, container, etc), Metal – Similar to dedicated server
3. Fixed – fixed tier that allow you to create cpanel account up to allocated limit.
4. Bulk Account – Please contact [email protected] if you need flexible billing. You will bill at base price + additional accounts each month


Reseller Hosting / Elastic Cloud Hosting

For the same reason, we can no longer offer unlimited account for conventional cPanel® reseller hosting or cPanel® Elastic Cloud Hosting. You can either choose to migrate existing accounts to our DirectAdmin plans or remain at current service plan with new pricing. All existing account will be converted to new service plan as per below table:

Service Plan Account Type Account Limit New Monthly Fee Estimated
Monthly Saving 1
ESCloud 1
Reseller Cloud 1
Fixed 10 RM65 RM125
ESCloud 2
Reseller Cloud 2
Fixed 20 RM105 RM125
ESCloud 3
Reseller Cloud 3
Fixed 30 RM155 RM155
ESCloud 4 Fixed 40 RM195 RM350
Additional Account Flexible Service Plan
additional account
Service plan
Depends on number of accounts


1. Estimated monthly saving – Saving in comparison to if you run your own server with our Cloud Server / VPS together with cPanel license.


Subject to change

We try every effort to keep the license cost low. Continuous negotiation with software vendor is on going. If there are any further changes on the pricing, we will inform in this announcement again soonest possible.



I'm on Reseller Hosting / Elastic Cloud Hosting plan, any impact to me?

Yes. Due to the licensing model changed, we no longer provide unlimited account plan for our conventional Reseller Hosting and Elastic Cloud Hosting.

How can I reduce my monthly fee?

You probably will ask how can I reduce monthly fee, here are some options that you may consider:

Host as addon domain – Depends on your business model, you can consider to move/consolidate your existing client’s accounts to a master account as addon domain. This is because the client-based licensing model is count upon the cPanel® accounts. For example. currently you have 15 client’s account under your service plan. Out of the 15 cPanel® accounts, 5 can be hosted as addon domain and share within one cPanel® account, with that you can remain at the service plan with 10 allowable account. But, again it very much depends on your resources usage.


Migrate to our DirectAdmin plan – If cost is your concern, you can consider migrate away from cPanel®. Currently we don’t limit number of account in DirectAdmin reseller plan, unless the software vendor change their licensing model in the future.

Can I migrate from cPanel WHM to DirectAdmin?

Yes, this is possible.
Please open ticket to [email protected] to discuss your migration plan.

Why the pricing is higher?

The pricing indicated above is higher compared to what publish or sell on individual vendor’s online store. As per Malaysia’s government tax policy, there are two types of taxes imposed on payment payable to foreign vendor :

1) Withholding tax – by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (reference: click here)

2) Imported Service Tax – by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (reference: click here)

Since we are reselling software licenses (e.g. control panel) and payment are payable to foreign vendor by us, both above taxes are required to declare and pay to the respective government bodies. This doesn’t limited to software, but also services that engage with foreign vendor, either one or both of the taxes required us to declare as per outline in each taxation act, whichever relevant. No business shall make lost or no profit, as such we have to channel the cost to end user. In general, depends on the foreign vendor’s country of origin where we engage the services, total of both taxes range from 14% to 16%.

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