Software & Service Pricing Change

As we approach the new year, we want to take a moment to update you on an important development at ControlVM that directly impacts our valued customers.

We understand that pricing changes can be concerning, and we want to assure you that we have carefully considered the impact on our valued customers. We worked diligently to minimize the effects on your investment with ControlVM while ensuring that we can sustain the excellent service you’ve grown accustomed to.

cPanel Price Increase

cPanel announced a partner pricing adjustment on September 28, 2023, with a magnitude of approximately 9%-10%.

New pricing shall take effect for invoices generated on December 17, 2023, and thereafter. All existing and new licenses will automatically follow the new pricing, as per the table below:

Tier Name Account Type 1 Platform 2 Account Limit 3 Monthly Fee
Admin Fixed Cloud Only up to 5 accounts RM125
Pro Fixed Cloud Only up to 30 accounts RM175
Plus Fixed Cloud Only up to 50 accounts RM235
Premier 100 Fixed Cloud or Metal up to 100 accounts RM285
Premier Bulk 4 Flexible Cloud or Metal Initial 100 accounts
additional account
1. Account limit – maximum number of cPanel® account allowed under individual license tier.
2. Cloud – virtualised server (Xen, KVM, container, etc), Metal – Similar to dedicated server
3. Fixed – fixed tier that allow you to create cpanel account up to allocated limit.
4. Bulk Account – Billed at base price + additional accounts each month.

Elastic Cloud Hosting

For the same reason, all existing cPanel-based Elastic Cloud Hosting will be converted to new service plan as per below table:

Service Plan Account Type Account Limit New Monthly Fee
ESCloud 1 Fixed 10 RM95
ESCloud 2 Fixed 20 RM135
ESCloud 3 Fixed 30 RM185
ESCloud 4 Fixed 40 RM235
Additional Account Flexible Service Plan + additional account Service plan + RM1.70/account/month

Transition to New Service Plan

Along with this price adjustment we also decided to phase out the obsolete service plans and introduce our new and improved plans. We believe that this transition will offer you enhanced features and a better overall experience on our platform.

What You Need to Do:
No immediate action is required from your end. We will be contacting each customer individually to inform the change and automatically migrate your account to the new plan with new pricing.

Other Software & Services

In addition to the upcoming cPanel pricing change, existing customer should anticipate changes in pricing for existing services beginning of 2024 and new pricing shall take effect for invoices generated on December 17, 2023, and thereafter.

This adjustment is driven mainly by shifts in electricity costs, exchange rate and other vendor pricing. To provide personalized assistance, we will be contacting each customer individually to inform the specific impact of the pricing adjustment on their services.

Thank you for being a part of the ControlVM journey. We appreciate your understanding during this period of change. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by submit sales ticket via client portal. We value the trust you’ve placed in ControlVM and remain committed to delivering exceptional value and service.

Exciting Announcement: Introducing Our Brand New Website!

After months of dedication and hard work, we are happy to announce the launch of our brand new website! This is a momentous moment for us as we take an exciting step forward in delivering an enhanced user experience and improved services.

A Fresh New Look:
Our new website is not just a facelift; it’s a complete revamp from boring old design! With a user-friendly interface, navigating through our site will be smoother and more intuitive than ever before. We have paid close attention to ensure that your journey on our website will be a delight from the moment you arrive!

Exciting Announcement: Introducing Our Brand New Website!

Seamless Navigation and Intuitive Layout:
We understand that your time is valuable, and finding what you need quickly is of utmost importance. Our revamped website, making it effortless for you to access the information, products, and services you desire. Everything you’re looking for is just a few clicks away!

Mobile-First Experience:
We recognize that mobile devices have become an integral part of your lives. To cater to your on-the-go needs, our website is optimized for mobile devices (hope it support all). You’ll experience the same performance and seamless navigation as on a desktop.

Celebratory Promotions:
To commemorate this momentous occasion, we have some incredible promotions lined up exclusively for our loyal & prospect customers. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on these fantastic offers! Without the need for a promo code, you will receive a 7%-10% discount on selected services by choosing the annual payment term.

Stay Connected:
Our journey doesn’t end with the launch of the new website; it’s just the beginning! We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on the new experience. Join us on our social media platforms to stay connected, receive updates, and be a part of our vibrant community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far, and we look forward to welcoming you to our brand new website. Embrace the future of digital excellence with us, and let’s embark on this exciting new chapter together, cheers!

Public IPv6 is Now Available



We have put much effort to get public IPv6 available for our network in Malaysia data center. It is not something new in the hosting industry, but it turned up as an important requirement for new deployments. Many ISP and service providers have started to provide public IPv6 as stacked or default network connectivity for their services.

With this new availability, you’ll automatically be assigned with one free public IPv6 address as option when you deploy cloud servers with us. For existing client, you can either add IPv6 from service plan upgrade option in client portal or contact support to enable IPv6 for you.

Reaction to The Pandemic Crisis : Have your business transform to “Cloud”?

-by Jeff @, Apr 2020 | Chinese Version:疫情危机的反思-您的业务开始云了吗/

Ever since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO), I had learned from friends that many companies were unable to work remotely or work from home effectively. The main reason is that their company still uses the traditional business model, which is to keep all the company’s information and systems in the company’s server. Once the employees left the company premises, they can’t read the company emails, accountant can’t process the salary payout, the sales personnel can’t access the customer’s information, and the employees can’t answer the company’s phone calls, etc. Although implementing VPN is one of the options, some would say that they can’t access to the company VPN or it is unstable at all to handle the company’s job remotely.

In fact, many companies have not or yet to prepare themselves to deal with such situations. Whether it is now or after the outbreak has improved, the transformation to Industry 4.0 is crucial at this stage to ensure that the company’s business continues to operate effectively from anywhere.

Let’s start with the most basic (at this stage I will exclude AI and IoT), the following solutions can be used for your reference:

1) Transfer the company’s telephone system to Cloud PBX
Whether you are at home or overseas, you still can answer the company’s calls. Employees can continue to communicate for free within the company phone system.

2) Transfer company email to Email Hosting service
Read your company email anytime, anywhere. The hosting service is actually more practical and zero management compare to the server in the company.

3) Use Cloud Storage – collaboration mode
File sharing, live chat, calendar sharing, etc. in an independent or dedicated environment. Employees can share files in a dedicated environment. Public cloud storage like dropbox, google drive is not preferred and should be avoided.

4) Transfer the traditional marketing system to Cloud Warehouse & Invoicing System
Online sales, invoicing, and warehouse management. Let sales staff place orders remotely, generate invoice, and check exiting stock level. The management can monitor business progress remotely by reading real-time data.

In short, migrate existing company server to Cloud Server allowing all employees continue to serve the company by remotely or work from home. Transformation is not to sacrifice or lay off your IT staff, but to let them maintain and safeguard the security of the servers, systems and your valuable. Transformation can help your company to save more in capital expenditure (capex) or operating expenditure (opex)

I hope above information able give you some big idea on how to initiate first step towards Industry 4.0.
Any comments or feedback are most welcome. If you like my write-up, you may share or forward it to your friends.

疫情危机的反思 : 您的业务开始”云“了吗?

– by Jeff @, Apr 2020 | 英文版本:



以最基本的开始(我就先不把AI 和 IoT 加入),以下方案可以供你们参考:

1) 把公司的电话系统转至 Cloud PBX 或 云PBX

2) 把公司电邮转至电邮托管服务 或 Email Hosting

3) 采用Cloud Storage 或 云储存 – 协调作业模式(collaboration)
独立或专用环境的文件共享,分享,live chat, 日历共享等等。员工可以在专用环境下分享文件。大众式共享如dropbox, google drive不是首选,应加以避免。

4) 把传统的行销系统转至 Cloud Warehouse & Invoicing System
线上销售,发货单,发票及货舱管理。 让销售人员远程下单,开发票,查询内部现有的货量。 老板可以远程监督业务进展和实时数据。

简单来说,把现有的公司服务器转至 Cloud Server 或 云服务器, 让所有员工都可以继续以远程或居家工作的方式继续为公司服务。 公司转型不是把您的IT人员牺牲掉或裁退 ,而是让他们为你维护和把守服务器,系统与资料的安全。

转型在资本支出 (capex) 或运营支出 (opex), 都可以为你的公司省下不少。希望以上资讯可以给您一点启发,如何开始迈向工业4.0的第一步。


Complementary WebSecurity Service for 2019 Merdeka Celebration!

Protect Your Website with cWatch
Complementary Professional Web Security Service

Why Is Website Security Important?
Small business owners are not aware of the website security risks and consequences and tend to assume that they’re too small to be noticed by cybercriminals. As a matter of fact, cybercriminals and hackers target small or big businesses based on the vulnerabilities in the sites using automated tools.

Website Security
Web Security relates to the securing of websites and servers from online risks. It is aimed at safeguarding the sensitive data by restricting, discovering and responding to attacks. The website security check involves scanning for potential vulnerabilities and malware through website security system.

30-Days Free Premium Service In Conjunction with the Merdeka Celebration
The Comodo cWatch website security solution offers comprehensive protection with multiple layers of technology and a team of cyber experts that will handle all the aspects of your security. From complete complimentary scans and malware removal the professional team is ever-ready to support you on a 24/7 basis.

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