Dedicated Server Remote Management

October 2015 has been a busy month for us. We had look into the integration of dedicated server remote management module to our client portal.

Remote Power Control & Auto OS Installs Is Now Possible

If you are currently holding a dedicated server with us, from now on you are able to:

Remote Power Control
Remote power control your dedicated server including check chassis power status, reboot, shutdown or reset via one-click button in client portal. Listed actions required IPMI password.

Auto OS Installs
You can reinstall your dedicated server right from our client portal without contacting support. Common OS templates are prepared in our PXE server and listed in client portal for your selection. Fill in details, select OS and click reinstall, that’s it! Similar to remote power control, IPMI password is required to perform auto OS installs.

Bandwidth Graph
Daily, monthly and previous month bandwidth usage graph is now avaible for you to keep track bandwidth usage.

We hope above improvement able to give you more flexibility in controlling your dedicated server.

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