Singapore Nodes Migration

We will perform server migration in coming two weeks for our Singapore nodes.
The main reason of this exercise is to upgrade our VPS node to bigger network capacity which allow to support up to 1,000Mbps. All current VPS will automatically upgrade from 5Mbps to 50Mbps for free.

Following are planned schedule for this exercise:

28th ~ 31st July – New node setup and provisioning
1st Aug ~ 14th Aug – New IP address assignment and client’s data migration
15th Aug – Shutdown of old server

During the migration process, we may need to shutdown your server to make full image. One to two hours of downtime is expected, depends on your total file size.

What you need to do?

Since new IP address will be assigned to your server, you are advised to:

1) Change your DNS to new IP address once you received from us via separate email.

2) Change your devices (eg. IP Phone, Sim Card…etc) to new IP address if you are on our hosted PBX plans.

Should you need only new VPS without migration or need arrangement to meet your timezone, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for your understanding and patience, we strive to serve you even better service.

Client Portal Upgrade Completed

Following from last week maintenance, we would like to inform that our client portal system upgrade has been completed. New interface, new look and mobile friendly. You can now spin new services and make payment right from your mobile devices wherever you are. Of course, you need to have internet connection to reach us :).


New Client Portal Interface

New Client Portal Interface

Inside New Client Portal

Inside New Client Portal









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