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30-Days Moneyback

Not satisfy with our service? Get your refund within 14 days after activation.

99.9% Uptime

We are to ensure you have access to your email whenever you need it.

Flexible & Highly Scalable

Need more storage or mailbox? Upgrade at anytime, instantly.


Easy User Management

Email hosting service come with easy user interface. cPanel control panel allow you to have easy mailboxes and users management. Get your staff’s email accounts ready in seconds. Self-explanatory user interfaces, simplified your business needs.

Cloud Technology

In-house cloud infrastructure purposely built and optimized for business use. Coupled with CloudLinux, your hosting account basically run in stable, secure and isolated environment.

Geo-Distributed DNS

Your domain hosted on our geographically distributed DNS servers, in 3 continents. Faster DNS propagation within our network.

Integrated Protection, Highest Security

Email server hardened with firewall and protected by malware detector, anti-virus as well as anti-spam software. Account admin able to define own spam filtering rules via Apache SpamAssassin™ interfaces and manually initiate virus scan.


Free SSL Installation Service

Free SSL installation service is available on selected plan. With the industrial well known free SSL from Let’s Encrypt, you can now encrypt your connection without additional SSL annual fee.

Free .com / .net Domain

One (1) .com/.net top-level-domain (TLD) included for each plan. Yes, free for life as long as your account remain active with us.

Malaysia Business Email Hosting

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No Setup Fee ● Clean IP ● Instant Activation

BE 50

Enterprise Email Hosting
  • 50GB Storage
  • 25 Mailboxes
  • 200GB Monthly Data
  • Webmail/POP/IMAP
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Fully Managed
  • Your own domain
  • FREE SSL Certificate (https)
  • Optional Dedicated IP Add-on
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BE 100

Enterprise Email Hosting
  • 100GB Storage
  • 50 Mailboxes
  • 100GB Monthly Data
  • Webmail/POP/IMAP
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Fully Managed
  • FREE .com/.net Domain
  • FREE SSL Certificate (https)
  • Optional Dedicated IP Add-on
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BE 200

Enterprise Email Hosting
  • 200GB Storage
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Unmetered Monthly Data
  • Webmail/POP/IMAP
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Fully Managed
  • FREE .com/.net Domain
  • FREE SSL Certificate (https)
  • FREE Dedicated IP
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What is default inode allocation?
Following are default inode allocation for each plan:

BE50 – 100,000
BE100 – 100,000
BE150 – 150,000
BE250 – 250,000

To prevent failure in daily/weekly account backup, you are advise to upkeep your account by avoid storing excessive files.

Is or .my supported in this email hosting?
Yes. Our server support most of the common TLD including localized domain.
How many additional domain/sub-domain I can add?
You can add additional 5 domains per account. Sub-domain is unlimited.
What is my mail sending rate?
To prevent intentional / unintentional spamming activity originated from your account, we are limiting mail sending rate per hour to:

BE50 – 200 emails/hour
BE100 – 200 emails/hour
BE150 – 300 emails/hour
BE250 – 300 emails/hour

If your mail sending rate exceeding about threshold, you account will temporary unable to send out email until next hour.

What protocol supported?
Our server configured to support common protocol such as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.
In general: –

IMAP – View and keep your email on server
POP3 – Download and keep your email to your local workstation

To avoid your storage capacity full, you are advise to use POP3.

How to access webmail?
Once you have active account with us and your domain fully propagated to our DNS server, you can browse:


If you are behind corporate firewall, you can always use option 1.

Is SSL available?
Yes, you can choose between free SSL and commercial SSL:-

Free SSL – Let’s Encrypt Free SSL (One time setup fee of RM99)
Commercial SSL – You can order separately and install in cPanel SSL Manager. Or, request us to install for you at one time setup fee of RM99.

I want to use secure connection, but I do not have SSL
You can use our server shared SSL. Please configure your incoming/outgoing mail server to:

SSL ports as per listed in your account information email that we sent to you on account activation.

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